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Wednesday, 30 July 2008 07:03

Good morning my fellow technologists friends,

Today, we at Future Technologies wants to move your attention to "Free Energy from the Water ... or from Hydrogen", as you prefer.

Forget a little bit the African Countries where water is sometimes complex to found. Unfortunately this magic and nice people is generally sufficiently forgetted so, this is not complicated at all.

However, generally water is everywhere ... in the oceans, the rivers, the lakes, as well there are rain water.

Altought, the point is that it is possible to run your car, any car, up to an airplane, as well to get the sufficient hot water, from your home, simply using Hydrogen and this Hydrogen is contained in the water molecule: H2O.

To mature this in your mind ... I am offering a free movie: "Chain Reaction" with Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz. This is the IMDB record for the 1996 movie.

Now, this excellent movie it is basically a story between a beauty physics Dr. Lily Sinclair and young Eddie Kasalivich. However, the point is that as soon you live the cinema and back home, you probably will never remember about the impact of this movie. They work on a Reactor based on Hydrogen ... but you and a lot of people are start to produce this at home.

You don't need a reactor ... you need for the first experiment something like 20 US$ ...

The process to get the Hydrogen from Water ... is called Electrolysis of Water.

This process is very simple ... I will not go too much in detalis here ...

It is simple. You will need a one or two 12 Volts batteries or a small circuit of 6 9V batteries. Try! ...

I will also make my experiments ... You can check on several places on the Web. I will give you two links:


Now, what is complicated to understand is how is possible that only in few cases people are moving without to use this amazing and free as well clean energy.

It is clear that you can run your car, as well your home ... to have hot water when you need.

So, please thing on this matter, please.

Now I will show you one of the best videos to produce HHO Gas, that you can insert in your car:

Look here:







All these three videos are available at:

... Are you shocked ? ... happy or just surprised?

Now, there are more ... yes there are more. Also, the industry (as well your car) may be changed using this. So, Water can also compete with Acetylene and melt Steel 3400 °F, up to Tungsten 10.000 °F!



... So, my friends ... just water ... and there are simply a lot ...

(What I see better is than worldwide company may offer a car-kit for up to 200 US$, 150 euro to transform water and engine your actual gas (gasoline car or truck) on water.

Please have a nice day,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando 












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