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Greetings in the Mars-day of the Love of God ... the day of the Humble Warrior ...

        I, Giovanni ... your friend in the Quest ... now for Physics ... purchase ... The "Grundlager der Geometrie" by David Hilbert, in German ... when I was a teenager, in Caracas.


   From some point of view ... First Euclid ... with its "Elements" ... then Rene Descartes with his "Geometrie" where he introduce Analytical Geometry ... and then Hilbert with its "Grundlagen' conform the Panorama of "Geometry" ... but indeed Geometry is Beyond.

    In fact, another book from Hilbert is "Geometry and Imagination" ... where he picture ... figures related to the Dimension 4, or 4D.

    Now ... This Great Mathematician ... which is a "Secondary Actor" in the Book, @WhyEinsteinTheoryisWrong ...

  is the responsible for ... another "Grundlagen" which in German means "Fundamentals" or "Foundations".

  Prof. Hilbert was an "enthusiast" of "Grundlagen" books ... like a "standard" Genius ... he wants only to figure the Borders ... and he did ...

  • Grundlagen der Geometrie
  •  Grundzu╠łge der theoretischen Logik
  • Grundlagen der Mathematik - Volume 1 and 2 and also
  • Die Grundlagen der Physik.

This last problems figure between the "Hilbert's Problems" announced between others to Solve the Riemann Hypothesis in the year 1900 ... together with the announcement ... to solve the "Millennium Problems" ... complete the set of "interesting problems.

   Now ... I, Giovanni ... that begin to purchase books in German before the age of twenty ...

  now promise that the book, "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong" ... will be also in German ... and not only that book. That book in his two flavors ... Paperback and Hardcover with Bibliography in Decimal (Plan B) and by default in duodecimal (Plan A).

  Einstein was German, David Hilbert was German, Riemann was German ... Felix Klein was German and Theodor Kaluza was also German with Max Planck, great friend of Prof. Albert Einstein.

   Seems there are a vertical idea ... from Einstein toward the Fifth Dimension ... thanks to Prof. Kaluza who send his words to Einstein and Einstein present it.

   The Kaluza's ideas born from Gunnar Nordström from Finland and Oskar Klein

  now promise that the book, "Why Einstein Theory is Wrong" ... will be also in German ... and not only that book. That book in his two flavors ... Paperback and Hardcover with Bibliography in Decimal (Plan B) and by default in duodecimal (Plan A).

 The Story of Kaluza-Klein (where Klein is Oskar) began when ... in 1926 Oskar Klein (1894–1977) succeeded in linking Kaluza’s theory with quantum mechanics.

  He quantified the fifth components of momentum according to the rule:

p 5 = n × h/l
(n = quantum number, h =  Planck’s constant, l = period of the fifth dimension,
i.e., the circumference of a tiny circle).

It differed from Kaluza’s theory in the following way [12]: Instead of having the fifth dimension form the central axis of a cylinder of infinite extension, Klein had it
curled up (“compactified”) into a tiny circle of magnitude l = 10 −30 cm.

The term “Kaluza–Klein theory” was first used in 1933 by Oswald Veblen (1880–1960), who together with Banesh Hoffmann (1906–1986) had given the theory its projective form in 1930 [3]. The theory became a purely formal construct in which the five-dimensional space is no longer attributed any physical reality.

It serves instead as a mathematical space from which the real four-dimensional space emerges as a projection. Pascual Jordan (1902–1980) and André Lichnerowicz
(1915–1998) were among the proponents of this construct from 1945 on.

Wolfgang Pauli (1900–1958) and others working on quantum mechanics rejected the five-dimensional Kaluza–Klein theory in the mid-1930s, however, because it
offered no way to quantify field theories.


  The Kaluza-Klein is a construct ... a mental construct that suppose logically that ... we need a superior Force ... to explain the lower Four Forces ...

Kaluza’s idea, which was to serve as the model for the design of all unified theories in higher-dimensional spaces, was as follows: Within a five-dimensional space
(with a Riemannian metric) there exists a unique five-dimensional gravitational force that upon projection onto the four-dimensional space of our experience splits
into two phenomena: our familiar natural forces, being four-dimensional Einsteinian gravitation (known from the general theory of relativity), and Maxwellian elec-
tromagnetism. Thus in Kaluza’s theory – as in all modern higher-dimensional unified theories, and unlike Nordström’s – the fundamental force is gravitation.

It, according to Kaluza, is the originator of electromagnetism. (Modern-day higher-dimensional unified theories attribute all the other forces to gravitation as well.)

Electromagnetism is thus an effect of the fifth dimension.

I, Giovanni ... knows that the Fifth Dimension are the Pleiades ...

  ... May be we prove ... that ... Electricity comes from ... "Electra" Star ... in the 5D ...

Mon Dieu ... we are becoming Electrical ... Indeed ...

Have a Happy day,
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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