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We includes here the relative "wisdom pills" to the English Languages course, basically built around the Shakespearean plays and inedit works from the master.


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41 The Art of Teaching English Language ... by Giovanni A. Orlando (updated) Administrator 1974
42 Two lessons on the Shake-spearian plays ... Administrator 1722
43 Enjoy 37 Shakespearian Plays from the BBC ... Administrator 1991
44 A New Lesson for English: The Prince and the Pauper ... Administrator 2122
45 A New Lesson for English: Enjoy the Shakespearean play: Trolius and Cresida Administrator 1857
46 A New Lesson for English: Enjoy the Shakespearean play: Much Ado about Nothing ... Administrator 2384
47 What is the Shakespeare's opinion about the separation of England from the Catholic Church? Administrator 2307
48 Who was the Elizabeth I husband? ... Administrator 3544
49 What is the Shakespearean play cites Thomas More? Administrator 2522
50 Ye have angels' faces, but heaven knows your hearts. Administrator 2457
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