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Sunday, 10 August 2008 07:00

In this tip/lesson I am introducing the concept of 'Ka' in the Egyptian tradition, also called 'Qi' in Chinese and 'Ki' in Chinese ...

For a complete translation of terms we can said that ... "In traditional Chinese culture, qi (; Pinyin qi, Wade-Giles ch'i Jyutping hei; Japanese ki; Korean gi; pronounced IPA: [tɕʰi] in Standard Mandarin) is an active principle forming part of any living thing."

When Thot leave Atlantis 10,500 years ago an arrive to Egypt, he start to teach the technique regarding the "Ka" activation. This is basically a technique activing the connection between the person and its Higher Self. Of course the same is valid for the "Qi", that develop in the "Tai (Body) Chi" in China, and the Qi Gong also in China.

In Japan is called Ki, and in Korean Gi.

For this reason some people in Egypt beleive that the Pharon where divine, because its high and strong connection with its divine essence. This is valid and possible for everyone.

It is really enlighten, the italian description about the Qi Gong ... energies:

"L'energia interna del corpo umano si divide in tre tipi: jing, qi e shen, detti "i tre tesori".

Jing è l'energia liquida, quella che scorre con i fluidi corporei come il sangue o lo sperma. L'energia si divide in prenatale, cioè l'energia che si è prodotta al momento del nostro concepimento, e che possediamo in quantità limitate e quella postnatale, che assorbiamo soprattutto attraverso l'alimentazione. L'energia può essere conservata e preservata per essere trasformata in una forma migliore, il qi. Il qi è "soffio vitale" (o energia), si assorbe principalmente con la respirazione e il cibo; attraverso particolari tecniche di respirazione profonda, si può dirigere il jing, l'essenza, nel Dan Tian Inferiore, il "campo del cinabro". Il Dan Tian Inferiore è una zona situata all'altezza di due dita sotto l'ombelico e posta internamente vicino alla parte interna della spina dorsale, il jing qui diretto "evapora" e diventa qi. Anche il qi è soggetto a raffinamento, e quando questo percorre senza intoppi tutto il corpo, attraverso la colonna vertebrale raggiunge il capo, diventa "energia spirituale", shen. Il qi qong quindi permette, non solo di trasformare e raffinare le energie presenti nel nostro corpo ma di intervenire laddove l'energia non passa in modo corretto."

In English the body has three energies jing, qi and shen. Jing is the liquid energy that flows in our body like blood or Sperm. This energy comes from us from our natal embodiment and comes from our mother.

The Egyptian name for this energy is "Ba". This energy is also connected with the Tantra practice and the Kundalini, and in general each lover heal the other. This energy may be conserved or transformed for better use. It may be transformed in "Ka", or "Qi", or "Ki".

The "Ka" or Ki, moves across the meridians very well know in Eastern Medicine (or Chinese Medicine).

The "Ki" become "Shen" and become spiritual energ. So, basically the energy is the same and moves across our sanguineous, nervous, as well our spine and our body meridian system.

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama (a Japanese doctor and electric engineer between other titiles), built a machine that can be measure the "Ki" speed inside our body.

This machine is called "AMI" (Apparatus for Meridian Identification).

However, as soon I read in the book "I AM the Magic Presence" that we can move at will this flow of energy in our body, I delay the acquisition of this expensive machine.

However, for the inpatient I strongly advice the book:

There are also the relative book about the "Ba", or

If you want to do some exercises, I advice the Falun Dafa, that are a more simple and modern Qi Gong ... each one may found its own way.



Giovanni A. Orlando.


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