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Monday, 21 July 2008 05:50

The Bing Bang never was ...

At first we apologize with the release of these simple pills of Physics Wisdom, without proof.

Most of them are the simple offering and echo of Angel Kryon.

We are working to realize theories in accord to our possibilities and offering them in our courses:

I am offering here the result of a very recent Kryon speech:

Asheville, North Carolina - Saturday July 12, 2008

"Current Events"

Download and listen it all the speech. Bing Bang information starts at position 14.42'

"The Bing Bang never was. It is a three dimensional explanation of a interdimensional attribute. Universes are created all the time thought interdimensional shifts. When a dimension literally collide with another you will get all the attributes that you describe as the Big Bang.

In 3D you have many scientists prove was they felt was the Bing Bang theories attribute ... the truly, truly existed. They found the residual of what they thought, was prove ... means like Hubble and others.

And I here as I'm going to tell you that if you think these things in 3D.

But even The Bing Bang theory had inter dimensional from it beginning ... for everything traveling faster than light ... everything happens all it once

.. and this is will this laboratory will discover. (The Switzerland Laboratory, seems to be: CERN,the world's largest particle physics laboratory)


... The will found the residues of e inter dimensional collision ..."



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