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Greetings in the day of Love ... the Mars-day ...

     And most information has been released on Atlantis ... I, Giovanni have collected what is the more important concepts that still to-day are important to know and remember.

    I got the idea to protect my home and house with my books and other 'sacred' books but of course the Crystal Skull is better. Please wonder that is the Thoth Skull and at the times of Atlantis, Saint Germain was so advanced, capable to precipitate a Body, a Physical Body. Honestly a very advanced Master!

    There were MANY Crystal Skulls and all with an equivalent power, that belong to the priests and Priestess of Atlantis. Most of these women are well-know Author and New Agers ... introducing New Technologies to heal the Human Body and Align the DNA.


Giovanni A. Orlando.


Chapter 3. Atlantis


This is the Second Chapter, and is dedicated to Atlantis. Several books are listed here from Romance of Atlantis by Tailor Caldwell, A Dweller on Two Planets and An Earth Dweller’s Return by Philos the Tibetan, Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori as well Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis by Drs. Gregory and Lora Little and John Van Auken.


The Aurelia Louise Jones – Telos Volumes 1, 2 and 3 offers an answer about where are the Atlanteans today.


Also the Barbara Hand Clow Signet of Atlantis and Godfre Ray King, “I AM Discourses”, Vol. 3, brings sensitive information.


I got the Vailx from Edgar Cayce’s Atlantis and my past life information from Godfre Book. I was Ray Ernor a ruler of Suerne.


I AM offering here the passage from “I AM Discourses book” …


“An awakened individual never uses a destructive force. When the Master of Suerne[1] projected the force and the army was killed, he simply projected it for protection of his people, and the destructive qualities which others brought with them to slay and kill qualified the force sent out by the Master, and it destroyed those who sent their destructive qualities out. You can see how easily it would do that, when they came to destroy.


Every individual, if he has understanding, has a right to protect himself. The students should always be taught never to judge the Action of a Great Intelligence than themselves.


When phenomenon is produced by an Ascended Master, the Activity so transcends the intelligence witnessing it that it is most difficult for them to be  sustained in the acceptance of the actual Truth of It.


It is utterly impossible to satisfy the outer activity of the mind”.


The Amorah Quan Yin, “The Pleiadian Workbook, Awakening your Divine Ka”, and “Pleiadians Perspective of Human Evolution”, channeled from, our Beloved RA, our Sun, offer secure clarity on this civilization.

There were two Atlantis, the Old Atlantis was contemporaneous of Lemuria, in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, and fall because a war. After a primary war only Poseid remain, then also Poseid sank in the Ocean. A more modern Atlantis was in the Mediterranean Area, close to Italy, Spain and Greece.


I, Giovanni consider very important to awake and then heal our Atlantean memories, because they end with the Noah Flood, and are more recent than Lemurian (Hawaiian) memories. The drama behind Atlantis has been ‘removed’ by Humankind, and now will awake, but must be healed, to avoid new wars.




60 Questions on Atlantis (49-109)

1.             Where Atlanteans comes from?

Atl in the Pleiades.

2.             What was the name of the Two Great School of Atlantis?

Incal (Science) and Xioqua (Spiritual not religious)

3.             Were Radioactivity used in Atlantis?


4.             How many Atlantis were in the past?

Two. The Old Atlantis in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and the New Atlantis in the Mediterranean Area. The first was from +100,000 years ago and Lucifer arrived there in 59.000 B.C. The process of the destruction and sank of Atlantis was long … over 10,000 years. After the last vestige disappear the survivors moves to Egypt under the rulership of Thoth, who was Ascended Master Saint Germain.

5.             What is the Valix?

The Valix is an Aerial ship governed by the forces of levitation and repulsion.

6.             Can a Vailx go under water?

Yes, some models support this possibility.

7.             How many Vailx models were available?


8.             Did Atlanteans use Air Conditioner?


9.             How Atlanteans call the Radio and Television?


10.         Were on Atlantis Water Machines, machines that produce water?

Yes. Also these machines start to become available to-day.

11.         How Phylos’s books become available?

They become available and were channeled by a young man called Frederick S. Oliver who was a dark priest who enslave Phylos at Atlantis time. The channeling was a karmic debt.

12.         What are the Two planets in Phylos’s A Dweller on Two Planets?

The Two planets are Earth and Venus. Phylos find him Twin Flame on Venus.

13.         What is the Maxim Light?

The Maxim Light or Unfed Maxim Light is a Light precipitated without feed

14.         Are there were a Maxim Light on Atlantis?


15.         Who precipitate the Maxim Light on Atlantis?

It was Lord Jesus (Sananda), who arrived there for a previous day of Judgment. He arrived and declare himself to be the “Son of the Sun”, and the people ask for a proof. He then precipitate a Great Stone of Quartz and pushing a finger inside the stone produce a Light, called “The Unfed Light”, or “Maxim Light”.  This Light, like a candle burn for hundreds of years before the end of Atlantis.

16.         Who were the fathers of “El Dorado” people, in South America?

The people of Atlantis are the fathers of South American and “El Dorado” civilization close to Amazon river.

17.         Who were the ruler of  “El Dorado”?

It was “Casimir Poseidon”. Poseidon is the title. He was blond hair and blue eyes. He escape to Northern California, before the “El Dorado” got destroyed because a cataclysm. I, Giovanni was also there in those days. Me and my twin flame were close to Casimir Poseidon.

18.         Who precipitate the Maxim Light in “El Dorado”?



It s Lord Meru. This information is channeled nfrmation because Unveiled Mysteries does not specify the name of the Cosmic Being. It was the ‘Maxim Light’ that raise ‘El Dorado’ civilization because around that Light were built a temple and then the city. It was called ‘Meru City’ to honor.



To Lord Meru (Aramu Muru) is due the name of America. Read (Vol. 1 – The Secret of the Andes in this collection)

19.         There were good technology in “El Dorado” as well in “Atlantis”?

Of course. City were circular, like in Atlantis made of Stone.


There are special technology moving the windows made of stone, and the water moves around the city in circles.



Lord Meru commented recently that the Maxim Light will return in several cities, as well, this type of city in South America.

20.         How was destroyed Atlantis and “El Dorado”?

There were a war between Lemuria and Atlantis, around 24,000 B.C. Lucifer was on Earth because he arrived with the Lyrans and the Annunaki who create a breach in the atmosphere. This war begin for several reasons. One reason was the use of technology (Atlantis) instead of natural approach (Lemuria) to control people (Atlantis) versus, let people grown by themselves (Lemuria). The war was similar to Star War. Queen of Hathor live between us for 24,000 years and then leave us. Then remains just an island called Posid in the middle of Atlantic Ocean and then also this island falls under the sea. A second a more modern Atlantis were in the Mediterrean Area, close to Italy and Sardinia.

21.         Where are the Atlanteans today?

The original Atlantean, like the Incans of the Internal City of Machu Picchu and the Lemurian of Telos, lives in Matto Grosso, Brazil. The survivors and those who mix with the Annunaki and the Lyrans are the European population, actually. The American are the Lemurians. And South Americans are “El Dorado” children.

22.         How was called the capital of Atlantis in the island in the middle of the ocean?


23.         How is called the Capital of that Civilization?


24.         Where is the City of Machu Picchu today?

Inside the Earth, three miles down with the Earth interior

25.         How is called the New City of Machu Picchu?

It is called "The Inner City of Light of Machu Picchu"

26.         It is possible to enter in the New Machu Picchu city of Light?

Yes … there are passage inside.

27.         What is the name of the Inner City of Light located in Equator?


28.         Are there a connection between Telos, Quetzalcoatl and the Inner City of Machu Picchu?

Of course

29.         Who cleans the Atmosphere of the planet?

Millions of Angels. Without that… Life cannot exist.

30.         Was Nikola Tesla on Atlantis?

Yes. He was the Master Alchemist that produce several machines.

31.         What is the Crystal Skull?

The Crystal Skull is the Thoth’ Skull. Also the Priests and Priestess Skulls had the same properties.



32.         Where is the Crystal Skull?

It is buried below the Sphinx and below most temples in Egypt to protect the temples.


You can also use, other material like, “Sacred Books” (Vol. 2 of this collection as well this) to protect your home and business. Place the books close to the window and exit doors.


There are also some stones like “La Piedra de la Luna”, similar in material to the Crystal Skull that protect your home and business against bad spirits. 

33.         Why the Skull looks like Crystal?

The Skull looks like a Crystal because its high frequency. It is like a jewel that represent condensed light. Saint Germain was Thoth, and he empower its own skull. He leave Atlantis, almost 9,000 years before the fall. He moves to Egypt to begin the Pharaoh Dynasty enabling the Sacredness of the ‘Ka’, the flow of God that Chinese call, ‘Chi’ and Japanese, call ‘Ki’. This is because ‘Ki-Ai’, and ‘Ai-Ki-do’.

34.         Are there just one Crystal Skull?

No. There are one for each temple and the temples were thousand … moved to Egypt and Greece.

35.         Who was the Ascended Master that enable and offer its immense Love for us, to recover the planet from the war and offer a reset?

Ascended Master Saint Germain, was first Thoth, then Hermes Trimegistus in Egypt and only Hermes in Greece.

In Egypt like Thoth he teach the sacred Science of the Sun, releasing the teaching of Alchemy, or the Sacred Science. Was always him, who in the court of France and the Kings of Europe, offer great Alchemy. This was a second dispensation. 

36.         Was Saint Germain in Atlantis?

Yes. He rule the temple of the Violet Flame where also Archangel Zadkiel was present with Archeia Amethyst. Lady Portia is the Saint Germain Twin Flame. 

37.         What Saint Germain did in Atlantis to help humankind?

He precipitate a human body, like Lord Jesus did after death on Golgotha. Then he help people to go to Egypt and there he first teach the Solar Religion to enable the Ka, with a full support of the Sacred Science. The first Pharaoh was the man who was the high spirituality, correctness and the channeler of the Nethers (the Gods). This engine the Egyptian Dynasties based on Theocracy.  

38.         Was Ascended Master Seraphis Bey on Egypt?

Yes. He was Amenhotep III, the Paraoph that built the temple of Luxor and in a second life become the High Priest of Luxor. He is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray, the Ray of Ascension and Immortality.

39.         Were there alien presence in Atlantis?

Alien is a bad word.

Brothers of High Dimensions is right, also called Angels, or Gods if they are very ancient.

40.         Who are the Manu?

The names of the Manus of the first three root races are not known. They completed their service to this planet and ascended millions of years ago.

·      The Manu of the 4th Root Race is Lord Himalaya

·      The Manu of the 5th Root Race is Lord Vaivasvata

·      The Manu of the 6th Root Race is Lord Meru

·      The Manu of the 7th Root Race is The Great Divine Director (Saint Germain's mentor)

41.         Who was Empress Salustra of Atlantis?

Kryon explains that children remember their past lives until they become lost in the darkness of the World. Tailor Caldwell wrote a novel titled “Romance on Atlantis” and she remember Atlantis life as well that she was Empress Salustra.

42.         What is the name assigned by Atlantean to Egypt?


43.         What was the name of North-America at Atlantis time?

Incalia. There were located the Scientific School.

44.         Were there a Queen and a King in Poseid?

Yes, there is.

45.         Was Israelites ruled by Theocracy at the Atlantis time?

Always a King or Pharaoh was chosen by Theocracy. Atlantis, Lemuria and Israel were not exceptions. Thoth re-establish the Theocracy like a ‘standard’ way to choose governors and rulers, very far for the so-called and tricky, ‘Demo-cracy’.

46.         What biblical event fix the division between Atlantis and the Modern World?

The Noah Flood.

47.         Were there a single language in the World at Atlantis time?

Yes! … and the world will return to have a single language in about 40 years.

48.         What was the language used in the World at Atlantis time?

It is the dialect used in Milky Way Galaxy, it is called Solara Muru.

49.         What is a Zorai?

It is the name for the Lemurian ruler.

50.         What is a Poseid?

It is the name for the Atlantean ruler.

The list is as follows, given by Archangel Gabriel, I speak now of world government, with your permission. Atlantis shall again have a Poseid, and Lemuria a Zorai. The Inca shall have their Inca, and Egypt a Pharaoh. In Egypt, one of the great centers of world government, as a new Pharaoh starts a new dynasty, it shall be known in millennia to come by historians as The Golden Dynasty. The great seven colonies of the Motherland are returning, as well as the Motherland. The Brotherhood at Lake Titicaca will return the great Golden Sun Disc to the Temple of the Sun.


The new government of the world shall be based on the ancient government of the Sun, which modern scientists do not understand. It was not the worship of the Sun itself. It was the purest form: the adoration of Aton—the at-one-ment that the Master created by the giving of His blood that poured from His side on Golgotha. It established the vibration in the Earth that made forever the eternal ray from the Earth to the Father, a ray that will not end. This was the purpose and meaning of His death on Calvary.

51.         Who was Patricia Cori, Amorah Quan Yin and Peggy ‘Phonenix’ Dubro in Atlantis?

They all were Priestess in the temples. They are back (like others as well like more male priestess) to re-engine the sacredness over Earth.

52.         Why basically Europeans dislike progress in Science?

It is an unhealed Atlantean memory. Albert Einstein got credit in United States, like the Italian Enrico Fermi, as well Guglielmo Marconi. The problem is not only on Science but on progress in general. Cristoforo Colombo, neither got the navy to discover America from Italians. Galileo was jailed because called ‘crazy’, when he affirm his helio-center theory.


French are more mature about Science than the rest of Europe, because their Orion origins. They invent the Concorde! … but all Europe (Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom) … have a fear about computers … this fear is going to be healed.

53.         Was Apostle Paul in Atlantis?

It is important to understand that we all lived in Atlantis, as well Lemuria, and Egypt, still Greece. We are living billions of years, and our ‘essence’ once awaken reflect our real nature. Apostle Paul was a Priest on the temple of the Green Flame of Healing. At the moment of Atlantis troubles he travel to the Greece island of Crete, where he establish the Temple of Truth (Only Truth heals), to adore Goddess Athena. Then he was apostle Saul of Tarsus, and change its name to Paul and then after Jesus death he give to Paul the power to Heal. He returned like Saint Hilarion, and to-day is the Choan of the Fifth Ray, the Green Ray of Healing and Abundance.

54.         Are there a New Posid?

Yes. There are a city inside the Earth were Atlanteans still live and dwell.

Galatril is the ruler of the ‘Posid’ close to Matto Grosso, in Brazil. There are doors that may be opened to access these brothers that live in a Fifth-dimensional vibration. We all … will join. 

55.         Were there back the Anti-Gravitational Ships like on Atlantis and Lemuria?

Is important to understand that there are ‘High Physics’ at Galaxy level … that is far from our rudimental and empirical Science based on motors and petroleum derivative. This ‘High Science’ is coming and will be people … new and unknown scientist that will offer again the Science, that is normal and is based on Free Energy.

56.         How is the High Status of High Science and High Life-style?

It is called ‘E-den’ (Eden) and means ‘Eternal Wisdom’.

57.         What is the expected next Worldwide language?

It is English.

58.         Who create the base for the English Language?

He was William Shakespeare.

But that was a pseudonymous, because he was Francis Bacon, the right heir to the throne of England because the hidden son of Elizabeth I, the ‘Virgin?’ Queen. The Queen spoke with his son and comment that never he become King of England. Instead become James I, from who we have the ‘King James Bible’, but honestly also this job was tutored by Francis Bacon.

59.         Can list some lives of Saint Germain from Atlantis until now days?

Saint Germain was a ruler in Older Arabia, 70,000 years ago, in those days there was no desert but a tropical climate. Then, in Atlantis he was a High Priest in the temple of the Violet Flame, 13.000 year ago. After Atlantis fall he become Thoth founding the Egyptian Religion based on the ‘Sacred Science of Alchemy’. Then he was also Hermes Trimegiutus inside the Sphinx. In England, at Camelot he was Merlin, and El Morya was King Arthur.

At the times of Jesus, he was Joseph, the Mother Mary husband. In Egypt, he was Osiris, who also proof the resurrection in those days. He was King Solomon in Israel. In Modern times he was Saint Alban, in England. Roger Bacon the first scientific priest in England and then Francis Bacon.

He was also Cristoforo Colombo in Italy who discover America, Oct, 12th 1492. He was in Germany the founder of the Rosekrutz order. He was in France Saint Germain, and the Wonderman of Europe.

He was present at the sign of the United States of America, constitution. He was behind Simon Bolivar and San Martin in South America. He was a confessor and advisor of Napoleon trying and tutoring him to found the United States of Europe, but Napoleon planned it for him own purpose. He also was the Prophet Samuel. He ascend May, 1 1684 and then reappear like ‘Le Comte de Saint Germain’ living in Castel of Chambord. Saint Germain was also the founder of the Knight Templar Order. The Knight Templar were the great sons of Mary Magdalene.

60.         Were there a Temple of the Violet Flame on Lemuria?

Yes. Of course there were also temples of Violet Flame in Atlantis as well Lemuria. There were also temples of the Resurrection Flame tailored by Lord Jesus, the Green Flame and the Blue Flame of the Will of God. All the masters are capable of Bi-Location like Saint Francis show us.

61.         Was Lord Jesus present on Atlantis?

Lord Jesus arrived, like previously commented to a ‘previous’ judgment day, around 26,000 years ago. At the end of each cycle he return for Judgment. Actual return is expected, the next 12-12-12.

End of Chapter 3 - Atlantis


[1] Suerne, or Suerni, is a region so-called in Northern East Asia, actually Russia. Rai Ernor was that Master.

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