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Saturday, 11 December 2010 17:33

(Click to download the Shakespeare play: Trolius and Cresida ... from the BBC in video format - 661MB)


Greetings ...

   One of the reason we adopt a new Server is because to have a Higher Hard Disk capacity ... and this basically to offer the Shakespearean Plays ... for direct download.

   If you prefer the torrent option you can use the following:

BBC Shakespeare Complete Collection

   This play runs on the Troy War ... and it is draw around Trolius ...

   I consider very important any Shakespearean Play ... simply because, I consider Francis Bacon an enlightened person (Francis Bacon is the very author of the Shakespearean Plays ... He sign like Will-I-AM Shake-speare) ... and other author live like him.

   In some sense there are a little "vendetta" because Francis Bacon was the very son of Queen Elizabeth I ... and she, the Queen told Francis that "He never will be the King of England".

   Thus, he include a double code inside the Plays to tell us who is the real author.

   Well, because I considered Francis Bacon ... someone who reach the Christhood (or the SaintGermainhood, because he was Saint Germain) ... each play reflect the perfect Truth and perfect beauty.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Honor Francis Bacon ... and teach him very English is another reason for my book ... and of course teach those who need English and don't know yet!

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