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Tuesday, 23 November 2010 14:31

Greetings ... in this very Mars-day (Tyr-day) of the Pink Flame of God,

     Yes it is. And I am looking you enjoy please a Shakespearean Play: Much Ado about Nothing ...

     This lesson is like an introduction to a coming book ... titled,

      I consider Both, Classical Music like Mozart, Bach as well Handel and other ... a fundamental step of the evolution of any person ... and also all the Shakespearean plays.

      Let me repeat unto you ... You need to listen classic music to attune your soul with the High Spheres ... and also any Shakespeare opera or play is a fundamental step in your spiritual path ... to your path to enlightenment ... I promise thee.

      Now, just to be clear ... the two instruments of peace: Classic Music and Shakespeare are an excellent trumpets to be sounded to the mass in disorder and in a world in chaos.

      Please also note the "educated" Europe, specially England, as well Italy, Spain and France ... and how Will-I-AM Shake(s)peare connect these operas ... like:

      Shakespeare ... also design very Love in Italy with:

   Also the Play I present unto you is beauty and spread love ... Please Download and Watch ...

   This play is lived in Messina ... in Sicily also in Italy, by Spanish people.

   One of my favorite phrases are:

Serve God, Love me and Mend (in Act 5)

     In any XXI century book about the Shakespearean plays is fundamental to explain who William Shakespeare was.

     I, Giovanni cannot but tell you that William Shakespeare was not William Shakespeare. Really, not!

     The name William Shakespear (I remove the latest 'e' like Alexander Pope did ) ... means "Will I AM to shake and spear (as well inspire).

     I am agree with all those from the New Age movement like Elizabeth Clare Prophet as well New English Scholars, like Peter Dawkins ... claims with proofs that William Shakespear was Francis Bacon.

      Also the book "The Shakespeare Code" is a fundamental component of my teaching ... and now I am also including the previous one.

      Let me post unto you ... this question: Suppose you will be the heir of the Throne of England, like Francis Bacon was (because the very and only son) of Elizabeth I ... and that you got from the words of the woman who abandon you ... that you never will become King! ...

      Because I am an advanced scholar on this point ... let me answer for you ... "Francis Bacon prepare not a revenge or a vendetta ... but a lovely teaching for the future masses ... We all".

     There are a code inside the Shakespearean plays ... like you will got from the books of The Shakespearean Code/ written by Orville W. Owen and Elizabeth Wells Gallup.

     Of course I will teach you English ... English Language and therefore: English Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary ... but how I cannot render Justice to the very Author ?

     I must do that ... it is simply fundamental.

     I can tell you more ... Francis Bacon reach the Christhood ... (or SaintGermainhood ) if you prefer because he was also Saint Germain in France and a simply Wonderman ... capable to compose and play not only sonets but also Classic Music.

    It is my joy ... that you like my fellow friend and student ... reach with me that point of Evolution ... and understanding ... about the Love of God because it is simply a Gift from God.

    Like Saint Germain channel in the book that inspire me, Giovanni this development,

(Click the image to read the book ...)

   I include these words,

The power, love, and wisdom of God are never tyrannical but gently bestow upon each individual creature of the creation the blessedness of opportunity to know God without limit. Forgiveness, mercy, justice, peace, achievement, and progress toward ultimate supremacy are the gifts which Life holds for all.

     And because Saint Germain was also Cristoforo Colombo ... now we back to Italy, and me, Giovanni your fellowservant starting from English and now teaching you Religion or New Age.

    And this is not bad ... but wisdom ...

I hope you enjoy, the play: Much abo nothing ... because in a World where the Heads of the Catholic Church and the Buddhism movement are ready to quit ... I say ... "Your resignations are accepted" ...

Would you agree with me ... that all the years of the litigation between Religions and a "World Without Love " ... is nothing but,

Much Ado about Nothing

I know you will agree with me.

Please Study ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. You will discover that Classic Music is equivalent to Shakespearean Plays ... like any Poetry ... and all these are expressions of Love ... Blessed you are.

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